Sing for your Grog!
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We are having a solstice winter holiday open house where I plan to have two kinds of alcoholic beverages. I would like people to sing for their grog! Basically, I'm looking for short sing-able stanzas (spoken word, poetry, limericks, etc., would be totally acceptable) that I will put into a hat for people to select, perform their bit, then fill their cup. Help me fill the hat with good stuff!

Great themes would be: holidays, cheer, winter, doldrums, good friends, love, grievances, dire seasonal predictions, homilies, warnings about over-consumption of alcohol, and so forth. Must be family friendly as there will be kids about who can repeat these things to their teachers. Can be a little salty but use your discretion.
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When The Boat Comes In?
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Check out pages for camp songs.
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Also you could assign a different day of the week to each person and do a good rendition of Seven Drunken Nights. (Video). Its a touch risqué but nothing bad.
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The rhyme "Christmas is coming" comes to mind (the words are below the explanatory text.)

Bonus info.: Here is Harry Belafonte singing it.
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...Henry the 8th I am I am...

Or how about 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall and each time someone gets a fill they have to sing the next verse. At the end of the night you'll know exactly how many drinks were served.
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I loved this song when I was little. Not sure how appropriate it is but the thought of a mouse looking to take on a cat was the height of 4 year old humor. You can sanitize the swearing if you think parents would be upset. Extra grog should go to anyone willing to act it out!

Oh, the liquor was spilled on the barroom floor
And the bar was closed for the night
When out of the hole came a little brown mouse
And sat in the pale moon light

He lapped up the liquor on the barroom floor
And back on his haunches he sat
And all night long you could hear him roar
Bring on the god damned cat!
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A bit of Tubthumping seems to be called for:

He drinks the whiskey drink
He drinks the vodka drink
He drinks the lager drink
He drinks the cider drink
He sings the songs that remind him of the good times
He sings the songs that remind him of the better times
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We three kings of orient are
Trying to smoke a rubber cigar
It was loaded
It exploooded........
We two kings of orient are....
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