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What's a holiday party without WHISTLE POPs!??!! Are these the dinosaurs of great candies? Are they available in no small corner of the earth? Please say it ain't so! I've Googled these fun treats till exhausted so many times and they seem to have truly been discontinued. (frowny face). I've found a couple of singles on eBAY but that's not gonna do it. I need the old 48 count boxes. Please Help! How can we carry on the rag-tag Christmas Caroling without them?!
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This one is what you want
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parmanparman, those sites all show "discontinued." The Sugar Heaven site doesn't say "out of stock" but it will not let you add the Whistle Pops to a shopping cart, either.

mickeefynn, Whistle Pops were marketed in the US by both Airheads and Chupa Chups, but seem to be discontinued under both names.

Chupa Chups does seem to be selling a version called "Melody Pops"—but only in Europe, Latin America and Russia. You might need to find someone overseas who can ship them to you.
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I can't speak to the legitimacy of this company, but you might give them a call and see if they really do have Melody Pops in stock.
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Try Economy Candy. They have a lot more in their store than what they list on their website.
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I found these, here in Australia. I successfully added them to a shopping cart but didn't proceed through the signup bit.

Shipping times may be a problem, though, you may not receive them by Christmas.
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You can certainly get them shipped to the US from here, but getting them in time may cost you.

I would suggest you call Spangler Candy, the US distributor for Chupa Chups, to see if they can help.

The kosher ones are different; the whistle bit is the stick, not the candy.
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Chupa Chups Whistle Pops, available here (random link; no experience of this company). They have their own Facebook page, it seems.
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(fyi that OnlineCandyShop link also doesn't allow actual ordering of the product. It seems that a lot of online candy catalog sites have outdated listings.)
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Seconding Economy Candy. If there's a weird old candy you thought was discontinued, they'll have it if it's available at all. They also carry some things that aren't typically stocked in the US.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'll follow-up on Economy and the Australian connection today and let you know. Even if I get them after the holidays, it'll be well worth it! Kudos to the sleuths at Metafilter!
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