What's the Best Knee Brace for me?
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Lots of options out there. Anyone with similar symptoms want to respond?

Triggered by that other 'knee' question. My right knee overextends easily causing serious pain. Also, I get excruciating pain on the 'outside' of the knee when going downhill.

I've seen an MD, but am going to get a second opinion. In the mean time, thoughts?
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Best answer: I've been wearing knee braces since before kindergarten (I hyperextend everyplace) and I'm 33. In my completely subjective and heavily biased opinion, Don Joy is the Rolls Royce of knee braces. I don't know exactly how much support you need, but their stabilizing sleeves with a little silicone right around the patella are actually breathable, which is a big plus. If you need an immobilizer (can you tell how messed up my knees are?), pick one that breathes, curves slightly in the back and the best velcro makes the least noise when you pull it apart. Don Joy is generally good at all these things.

Also, if it's indicated, Skins Recovery compression tights actually make a big difference. I never liked any other kind of compression (and the actual exercise kind are a lot tighter/pinchier) but those contributed to the healing of my last injury like whoa.
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