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I've been Googling on and off for years now trying to remember the name of this musician/band. I feel like name of the band was Pailhead or Paleface or something close to that, but those searches are coming up with not-my-guy.

I had their cassette -- It seemed like a self-produced album, released around 1992-ish, by a college-age African-American guy playing most of the instruments, and it sounded like slacker stoner funk, maybe a little hip-hop to it too... like a really lazy-sounding Lenny Kravitz. I also want to say that he/they were on the Def American label, but the wikipedia page for American Recordings doesn't list them, at least I don't think. If I heard a song, I would know it was them. Name That Band! Thanks.
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Response by poster: Hah, not Buckethead! Though I love the mystery man raised by chickens.
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Response by poster: Not Shinehead! Though my friends and I used to sing this song all the time.
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Best answer: Basehead?
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I was going to say Basehead, too. evilbeck was faster on the draw.
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Response by poster: Indeed it's Basehead. Thank you so much! My brain feels much better.
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Glad you got that sorted! Thanks for reminding me about Pailhead.
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