How do I wear this women's hat?
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What is the proper way to wear a women's hat that is gathered at the back and tall in the front, with a brim? And what is this type of hat called?

I found an adorable vintage hat the other day, but trying to add it to an outfit I realize that I have no idea how you're supposed to wear it! I don't know the name of the hat style so I have come up empty with Google.

Here is my best description of the hat: The material is felt. The back is gathered, sort of like the front of a golf cap/driving cap, sans brim. The front is about 5 inches tall. There is a curved brim in the front, (11 across and 2 wide in the center). The brim doesn't stick out too much, mostly it hangs down. The top of the cap is a flat circle.

Does anyone know the way this hat is meant to be worn? My natural impulse is to wear it backwards or sideways like I would a baseball cap, but that doesn't seem to match the style of the hat.
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Do you have a picture of it?
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Here are shots of the front, back, side. Please pardon the poor quality.
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60s mod?
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Definitely 60s. Looks like the back may have collapsed a bit. Check out the black hat in this pic, and here.
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Looks similar to the very popular cloche style in the 1930s
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60s mod seems plausible, but however it was originally meant to be worn, it's going on you in 2014, so I'd just play with it and see what looks good. I think perfect historical accuracy is only important for costume parties; "inspired by" is good enough/better most of the time, imo.

That peak at the centre makes me think of service, though, maybe something related to the military (or air force - from a humble nudibranch's link above) or Red Cross, something like that.
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That is a cute hat!

Similar hats being worn:

Juliet Berto

Anna Karina
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It's a cloche-style hat from the '60s. They come back every so often, and the last big surge (according to Elle) was in 2007.
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It's not a cloche, it's too floppy at the crown, whereas cloches are fitted or structured at the crown, like these. The construction is a little bit like a cadet hat, although the crown looks bigger than those too. I think you should wear it with the brim straight on, and if the crown wants to slouch, let it slouch toward the back of your head a little.
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