Eliminating fragrance in HairSpray?
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I use a special brand of hairspray all the time to put temporary highlights in my hair.... the downside is it makes me smell HORRIBLE. I've tried lots of other brands and haven't found anything with as good a color. I'm able to take the top spray nozzle off the bottle. Could I add anything into the bottle to eliminate the fragrance? like maybe rubbing alcohol? The brand is BBlonde by Jerome Russell. Thanks!
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Could you hide the smell by putting a quick spritz of say a conditioning spray you do like the smell of over the top. I have a curl enhancer I love the effect of but not the smell and I "hide" the smell under a leave in conditioner spray. Of course if you are trying for fragrance fee that isn't going to help.
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I don't think you can get anything into the spray can. The stuff in an aerosol can is under tremendous pressure, and if you actually got it OPEN open as opposed to just taking off the cap, all the contents would likely come flying out extremely rapidly.
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