The sweet smell of... Santa Fe
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I'm in Santa Fe, NM for the first time (actually, just outside Santa Fe), and there's a sweet floral aroma everywhere. What am I smelling?
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I am going to guess desert sage since that's what San Bernardino smells like at dawn.
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We've had a lot of rain this month so everything is blooming. It could be the sage and you can ask the local new age/health food store (I know that Natural Grocer or the Ark bookstore has some) for a sage stick to get a sample sniff.

I'm southeast of town and our honeysuckles are really fragrant along with the purple robe locust and penstemmons. It always smells great during and right after a downpour.
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That's sage.

And the sweet, sweet smell of Santa Fe.

Enjoy it. I wish I was back there right now. In fact, I would give one of my toes to be living in Santa Fe again; and I live in a pretty great neighborhood in Denver, so I don't exactly live in hell here.
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Indeed, the sage. What is even better is when it starts cooling down in the fall, and people start burning piƱon in the fireplaces. Santa Fe is beautiful to all the senses.
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Best answer: I'm no expert on plants, but it could also be the smell of Russian Olive. I've lived here almost all my life, and that scent is one of the reasons.
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Response by poster: After many hikes & sniffing around -- it is indeed the Russian Olive flowers. Not that the juniper & sage smell any less awesome, though.

Thank you all. After only a month there, I understand how one can so easily fall in love with Santa Fe.
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