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My 3,5 year old's number one wish for christmas is a "farm, with two people cutting wood with scissors". I was stymied, until my husband said he vaguely remembers seeing an ad with her on a German children's tv channel. He thinks it may have been a Playmobil ad and there was, among other things, two guys sawing wood.

I checked both playmobil and lego farm offerings on the internet, but no sawing of wood, that I can see. The child is quite adamant about this bit.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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To me this sounds like one of those old-timey windup toys like this one.
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This sounded like possibly a Schleich figurine to me-- it looks like they have a woodcutting scenery pack that's discontinued but available on eBay, if that might work?
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Playmobil sets that include cutting / scissor- like accessories: lumberjack, architecht, construction workers.
I'm also remembering a set from childhood with a two-person saw. (Maybe this set? Not sure.)

Other avenues to consider: maybe something with pioneers?
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Might it be something in the Sylvanian Families line?
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Here's a handmade one on eBay.
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Maybe it was a Bruder set like this?
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Is it these guys? Third picture down.
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