Best Shave And A Haircut In SF
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Where can I get the best, finest, most fussy and superlative men's straight razor shave and a haircut in San Francisco?
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Tony D. does excellent work on my beardy buds. You'll need an appointment, though.
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My friends go to FSC on Valencia, which according to Yelp is also called Fellow Barber. It's a little twee, and very hipster: I say that not as a negative, but just so you get the vibe. There's a little shop in the back that sells things like courier bags, men's grooming supplies, and men's small leather goods. You can't make an appointment and the wait times are long.

The reviews on Yelp are mixed but I think that's because people have widely varying expectations. I don't know if it would meet yours, but my friends who go there talk approvingly about being able to give very specific instructions like "I would like to look like a dashing Air Force commander in the middle 1940s." FWTW :)
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We've had experience with gift certificates there. The Art of Shaving got rave reviews for the shave, and earlier solid reviews was a barber shop with a name like Brodski...frankly was very happy, but no direct experience. I would ask, but there is a Completely Different gift in the queue this year. Good luck!
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Response by poster: I've been to FSC/Fellow Barber and Art Of Shaving in NYC, looking for more on the local side (AoS is too up selling and kinda mall-ish. Fellow Barber is fine but I can get them here.)
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Have you tried JP Kempt on Divis?
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I polled my friends and this is what they said:
a) Daddy's
b) Louis' BarberShop on Castro, just off Market
c) Joe's
d) Harley Maxwell at JP Kempt.
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I would say Louie's in the Castro as well.
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I have been going to People's Barber this year. I haven't been to the other places suggested, so I can't compare directly, but they do a good job with me, and the guys there leave looking good, although pretty same-y. If you like that specific look (mid-century barber shop), it's a good place to go.

(I'm a recent convert from Asian salons--the place I used to go to was awesome but there was a labor dispute and all the stylists there revolted and left. I'll happily tell you where not to go in SF.)
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If you haven't gone yet, my friends have added votes for Shorty at JP Kempt, and Evan or Arlen at Daddy's.
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