Winter shoe recommendation for urban commuter?
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I'm looking for a warm shoe that I can wear to the office and handles the gross curb slush in NYC. so far I'm considering Merrell's jungle moc. I am a dude. Thanks for your help!
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Suede is gonna look terrible after coming into contact with slush and salt.

Honestly, I suggest you just do what women in NYC do: wear boots to work and then change your shoes there.
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What sort of fanciness do you need in your office? Is it a jeans and sneakers place, or a slacks and loafers place, or a suits place, or...?

But I agree with showbiz_liz - just get commute shoes and leave a pair of work shoes at the office (along with a couple extra pairs of socks in case your socks get wet on the way). It's much nicer that way.
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The stylish gentlemen of my acquaintance who are concerned about weather wear chukkas or ankle boots. Not a particular endorsement of the brand or anything, though.
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My Merrells (I'm a chick, but an urban commuter chick) are pretty perfect for handling gross curb slush and being office appropriate, but I would suggest one that goes higher up your ankle because some of those slush pits are deep.
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You need a dry shoe even more than a warm one. The one you link to does not claim to be water-proof or even water-repellent. This waterproof jungle moc is. I agree with crush-onastick, though, you'll be better served with something ankle-high. I work in a jeans-and-polo-shirt office, so I can get away with wearing these. These, plus heavy-ish socks, will be fine for NYC cold.
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This brand seems to have found a balance between style and snow. They are often lined & waterproof.
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I recently bought waterproof leather chukkas from Bogs; they're lightweight, have great tread, and are surprisingly stylish. The men's selection has some ugly stuff and some winners; I think these are rather handsome.
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I have merrell winter boots that I change out of at the office. This way of wearing also means they have lasted for years.
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I love my Keen Anchorage boots. Warm and nicely waterproof. I wear mine with a SuperFeet insole due to my super high arch. Though I tend to change into other shoes when I get in, they look nice enough to stroll right into a meeting. This is super useful since I work on a campus and often have meetings in other buildings.
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What kind of work situation do you have? Is there any reason you can't leave your work shoes at work and commute in dry, warm boots? The advantage is that you spend a lot less time in each shoe. Both shoe pairs as well as your feet end up smelling much better.
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Response by poster: My work is jeans and sneakers. Checking these links now.
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I have these which are not only waterproof, but fully shearling lined. They're so good that I get excited for days cold enough to wear them.

They are also, embarrassingly, made by Ugg.
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I think those Merrell's are not a good choice for any kind of wet conditions. I'd skew toward something like these Sorels which strike a better balance between a semi-professional appearance and function
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I've worn a (past year) women's version of these LLBean sneakers and they got me through some winters. For comfort they're awesome, and they're not too ugly, though definitely not stylish.
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I've worn the Merrels as an outdoor shoe in the winter (Ottawa, which gets lots of cold slush and salt).

- The suede is indeed going to be a magnet for salt stains. I'd avoid it.
-I found the Merrels to be not very durable. I've had better luck with Keen's. This is very close I wear now. The leather works well in slush, but they're not water proof by any means.

It's not a horrible idea to use a treatment on the shoes when you first get them either. It preserves the leather and makes them much more resistant to slush. You can use a beeswax one, but I like the silicone ones.

Just to add as well, I wear real boots in snow and deep slush. But for mostly clean sidewalks and parking lots, going to work and shopping, the Keens are fine.
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My boyfriend bought these Sorels last year and loves them. He has a pair of grimy shoes he leaves at work year-round anyway (medical job, bodily fluids) so he just changes these out when he gets to work.
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I have the Merrell Jungle Mocs, in the "barefoot" version, which is slightly lighter than the one you're considering. I LOVE them, and I wear them almost all the time, but honestly I wouldn't recommend for slushy conditions. They get soaked too easily, the ankle opening is too low, and they wick water like crazy so if the edges get wet your whole foot will feel soggy.

For slush I wear a pair of waterproof Teva leather boots, and I just checked; they have some nice ones for men that look a lot like the Jungle Mocs but are much taller.

For snow I wear some Patagonia Advocate waterproof boots, which I would also heartily recommend.
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Blundstone makes a winter boot with Thinsulate lining. Not a shoe, but is only ankle high, and pulls on. I wear them for getting around in Ottawa Canada, and they work well for me.
Canadian Site
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Man I do not love those shoes in the OP. Fashionwise--not a fan. Here are some LL Bean mocs I like. They make rubber rain boots too, I have a pair and they are amazingly dry.
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Avoid boots that lace thru hooks like ice skates. I had a pair that ripped out the hems of several pairs of pants.
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I have the womens version. They are not warm. Comfortable, but not warm. On crappy days I leave those at home entirely, leave better shoes at work, and wear boots back and forth.
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