Mysterious pill
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Found a white capsule-shaped (but tablet form) pill on the floor, with M on one side of the score and AO on the other. We have various human and veterinary meds at our house, but this one didn't come up on any "pill finder" internet searches. I threw it out, and this is sheer curiosity: can anyone identify it?
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Any chance you can get a photo?
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According to Pillbox (, it's Omeprazole 20 mg (omeprazole is OTC as prilosec; this is not prilosec the brand, but an unbranded version, probably like $20/box at the grocery store).

On the plus side I got to talk about PILLBOX, a service of the National Library of Medicine. Everything they do is freakin' awesome. Caveat: I am a medical librarian but not a NLM staffer.
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Late to the party, but according to the pillbox site it's not omeprazole. (The imprint isn't the same--it comes up as a search result but it's likely because it has "omepraole" [sic] and "20 mg" as the imprints listed on the website, and omeprazole is a capsule, not a tablet.) Not sure what it is, however. Sorry to not be more helpful, but throwing it away was a good decision. Are you by chance in a non-USA country?

As an aside, I am a pharmacist and I LOVE the NLM websites.
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