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Hi, I may have a chance to work in Amman, struggle to get a decent sense of the cost of living, what sort of monthly salary it would take to live without scraping by and living in a place that's dire or dangerous, etc. I'd be okay with sharing a half-way decent place, eating street food and cooking, not going drinking at the Hilton, etc. Thank you for any thoughts and general Jordan insights you might be able to share.
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If you have trouble getting good answers memail me. My cousin lived in Jordan for a year (on a Fulbright) a few years ago (golly, 4 or 5... Not sure if that's too out of date!) and I may be able to get you in touch.
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Amman is the best! I lived there for about 10 months total from 2012-2013 and I loved it, I'm so jealous you get to move there! Cost of living for an expat is not so expensive. I was there on a terrible student's income (i.e. no income at all, just loans and parental support) and I didn't feel deprived. I shared a nice place for about 250JD ($350). I think for a room in an apartment with other expat workers between 200JD-350JD is ok (or at least it was then--might have increased since 2013). As long as you're in West Amman (and you will be), then it's safe.
I ate out quite a bit which was stupid, but street falafel and kebab is so cheap and delicious! It's also really unhealthy so watch your weight. I don't think you'd need an extravagant salary to live there comfortably.
If you have any questions please memail me, I LOVE Amman and enjoy talking about it!
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