Good fitness blogs?
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Can you recommend some good healthy living/fitness blogs, preferably ones that feel like they're written by real people who are not consumed with self-hatred?

I'd like to add a few more blogs to my regular reading to gently reinforce my efforts with working out and eating well. Here's what I'd like:
- blogging about a person's own experiences with exercise, no matter whether they're the slowest in the pack or the teacher
- no gross body-shaming about people being too fat or too thin, whether it's about themselves or others
- no weird blog drama
- reasonably focused on fitness and healthy living, so not mostly a parenting blog or something
- no inspirational quotes
- a minimum of crazy regarding detoxing, supplements, and other magical promises
- it needn't match this, but my routine is running, barre, and Pilates, and content about these would be a bonus
- ideally not all Paleo if it's very food-focused, as I'm vegetarian

I like Pumps & Iron (except the most off-piste sponsored stuff) and RoseRunner (but wish she posted more), and my spiritual home for finding good blogs is more GOMI than Pinterest, but I'm open to trying anything. If it's a Tumblr or an Instagram account or a subreddit instead of a traditional blog, I'm game for that too.

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Hungry Runner Girl She blogs about her daughter and family some, but she's also really running focused.

Runs for Cookies Her Motivational Monday posts feature inspiration from people at all levels of fitness.
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Best answer: Balance PF. Been following on and off a while. She's a runner but does all kinds of workout stuff.
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I'm really into Good Witch Yoga lately. I think I really like her as a person, and then she has great poses and advice--and it's not obnoxious like when Gisele Bundchen takes photos of her yoga practice.
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Best answer: My friend Elizabeth writes for Zelle. I don't read every author religiously, but overall it seems to fit your needs.
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Don't know if these are too feminist-focused, but I really like Fit and Feminist and Fit is a Feminist Issue. The blogroll on Fit and Feminist is also a good starting point.
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Nerd Fitness is where it's at.
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Best answer: I'm very fond of Cranky Fitness; IMO she is sane, very funny, and provides good info.
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Ross Enamait's blog passes your criteria* and is quite good. He focuses on fundamental exercises, consistency, challenging oneself, and homemade equipment.

* I mean, he quotes people in his posts, but it's not the whole post and it's usually not in meme form.
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Response by poster: Thank you all!
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