In search of a Blu-ray player with specific apps
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Is there a Blu-ray player with HBO Go and WWE Network?

I'm looking for a Blu-ray player with the following apps:

Showtime Anytime
WWE Network

Netflix, Youtube and Amazon seem to be givens and on every app list. Even WWE Network is allegedly on Sony players. But I'm having a lot of difficulty finding a player that has HBO Go and/or Showtime Anytime. I've seen reference to needing google play for the HBO app to work on Sony players, but the reference is really only ever followed by the clause: 'this player does not have access to google play'. Is there anything out there?

By the sounds of it my xbox 360 is on its last legs, so I'd like to be prepared (and finally have the ability to play Blu-ray discs). One alternative is a roku stick and a simple dvd or Blu-ray player. But I'd really like to keep our setup to one device.

Thanks in advance, future best friend(s).
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How about a PS3? A quick googling makes it look like it has all your desired channels, and it has a great blu-ray player.
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Yup. Ps3 is the answer. Its one of the best blue ray players on the market and supports HBO go and wwe network (and a ton of other stuff too)
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Thirding ps3, but if you really don't want a ps3, i know for a fact that samsungs "smart" ui they share between their tvs(which i own one of) and blu ray players has hbo go and showtime. no wwe though. And that's the only real alternative i can think of. It's worth noting that samsungs "smart" ui is shit, too.

hbo is infuriatingly blocked by comcast though, and i think several other cable companies because... reasons.

if you really want every service/app then you want a ps3. the tiniest new "super slim" ones are very quiet now, too.

You also gain the ability to stream local stuff from a PC/NAS or usb, and it's a full DLNA device(the samsungs supposedly are, but are glitchfests with that) that supports everything including dlna push for chromecast-like fun times. My ps3 has been my longest lasting connected-to-tv-media-thingy. If i hadn't gotten a smart tv and later an android i'd still use it for basically 100% of everything. There's basically nothing media wise it can't handle, and it seems to have EVERY app. And really good versions of the apps too(it was the first high bitrate 1080p netflix device, for example)

If you do get one though, buy this. Using the game controller is tiresome, and they need to be charged all the time. You want the remote. It's a freaking great remote, too.
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