Those drop-down top bar menu things... how do I make them go away?
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See this New Yorker article. When I read it, the top New Yorker menu bar is hovering over the top of the page, so when I use the space bar to page down the bar blocks a part of the text. Is there some secret way to page down so that part of the text isn't hidden (I'm on a Macbook), or some way to make this type of menu bar go away? It's not just the New Yorker website--I see these many places.
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They're really pretty rude. Have you considered a readability extension to your browser? Like readability?
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Some browsers, like Firefox, will detect those headers and automatically adjust the page-down motion to compensate. Others, like Safari, have a built-in reader mode that shows just the main content of the article. (This works the same as the readability extension that leotrotsky posted above.)
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I don't know of a way to make the header go away, but in a situation like this I would find dragging two fingers on the trackpad an easy and satisfactory solution to the problem.
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Response by poster: Ahhhhh, thank you! I use Chrome, got Readability.
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Press Command+Option+I and paste this line:

document.getElementById("nav-container").style.display = "none"
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I'm on a Mac, using Firefox, and this is what I do: Hover over that bar, and two-finger click; select "inspect element" and then in the box that opens at the bottom of your browser window select the div id=mobile-nav-container. Two-finger select that and hit "delete node." Gone. It's only gone for that article; it will reappear when you load a different page. But still.
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I have had that same annoyance and leotrotsky's link to the Readability extension just made my day.
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Oh, and on lack of preview: Yeah, readability works, too!
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For the web site designers in the house, Mike Bostock (NYT Graphics) has an excellent article on how to scroll in Javascript.

I see this bug on a lot of sites now. I'm surprised a highbrow site like the New Yorker is this broken; I'd think their web team would take more pride in their work.
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Nthing any browser's Inspect Element. It should also be trivial to remove with a Javascript button or permanently remove with Greasemonkey, or Adblock Plus.
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I'm on a MBP and I don't see what you're seeing, which appears to be because of NoScript. Disabling AdBlock doesn't affect things, temporarily "allowing all" with NoScript brings up the menu.
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What browser do you use? I have a Firefox extension called "Nuke Anything Enhanced" and I right-clicked on the New Yorker menu you bar and selected "remove this object" and it got rid of it without issue. Try that. I'm sure Chrome has a similar extension.

Nuke Anything Enhanced is great for annoying features you don't want, photos you don't want to see, or removing crap you don't want when printing a page/saving a screenshot.
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I use the Ad Block extension for things like this, even though they aren't ads. Just tell it you want to block an ad on the page and it will prompt you to click the offending element, with a slider to increase/decrease the scope. This is essentially rtha's tip, but it's sticky: you've taught Ad Block to not show that thing to you, and you'll not see it again as long as the extension is enabled.
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There's a Chrome extension called "Click to Remove Element" which may be similar to the Nuke Anything Enhanced Firefox extension. I used it when I still used Chrome.
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Right click on the bar and select 'Inspect Element' (in Chrome or Firefox) then go to the text box on the right, hit return and add "display:none" and hit return again.
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You know, fwiw, this site does that screwy paging-with-a-spacebar problem too w/ the new redesign, unless you click the little "x" in the top right corner. I'm really glad they added the ability to hide the top nav here. Everybody should do that.
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