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So, a while ago, Anne Hathaway rapped on Conan. She said that it is "in the style of Lil' Wayne". Not knowing anything about Lil' Wayne, is there a particular song of his that sounds like hers? I google some of his songs, but, again, not knowing anything about him, I don't know if she's referring to a particular song. The few that I listened to briefly didn't really bear much resemblance. Thanks for helping me answer this critical question!
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Best answer: I think perhaps her comment was mostly for comedic effect.
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Best answer: That was a lot screamier than L'il Wayne is, but the syncopated way she puts accents on words within the line reminded me of him. Give a listen to A Milli.

But, yes, agreed obviously with humboldt32 that this is mostly playing on the joke of "I'm an innocent-looking white gal imitating an African American rapper with super misogynistic lyrics."
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Best answer: Sort of reminds me of Wayne's verses on Look at me Now and Forever. He has a tendency to rap fast, almost run out of air, throw in some guttural sounds at the beginning of some words, and to repeat himself - all things she does here.
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Best answer: Oh also he is an incredibly enthusiastic and charismatic rapper - really, you should try to see him perform some time even if you're not that into rap - and she definitely brings the enthusiasm here, although I don't think that's what she was referring to. I think it was the syncopation and repetition.
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Best answer: Definitely a joke. She sounds nothing at all like Wayne. If anything, she's going for early Busta Rhymes. You can hear a little Run DMC from It's Tricky. Perhaps shades of Akinyele. Not Wayne though - she neglected to use a single paused out corny joke like "You know I'm not one... to start beef. But you stay stealing my picture....Art Thief".
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the insights.
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