Dinner in Lima -- Difficulty: Sunday Night
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My wife and I will be in Lima in a couple of weeks for just a day, and we are trying to find somewhere for dinner on a Sunday night. We're not opposed to street food and the like, but we'd like to do something more upscale if that's an option. Any suggestions?
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Best answer: It's been years since I've been, but you might like La Rosa Nautica. It's right off the beach and looks out to the South Pacific.
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I'm in Lima right now. I had a delicious meal at Tanta, which is an upscale-ish chain. The Lomo saltado was by far the best I had during my month here. I hear both La-Mar (up-scalish) and La Lucha (sandwich shop) are excellent.
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I wrote this review on tripadvisor last year. more recent reviews pan the service, but we found it to be excellent.
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I went to La Rosa Nautica and ate in the bar, rather than the restaurant. Great food and drinks.
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Response by poster: Thanks, reservations made at La Rosa Nautica! La Mar and La Lucha are both on our list as well.
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I guess it's too late but Astrid y Gaston is considered one of the best in Latin America.
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Response by poster: Astrid & Gaston is not open for dinner on Sundays. Neither is La Mar.
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