iTunes sign on problem
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Why am I asked to agree to the iTunes legal stuff EVERYTIME I open it? It only happens when I'm logged on, not when anybody else uses this imac.
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my guess is that you have a permissions problem with the location that iTunes is trying to write a preference file to. run Disk Utility (you can find it in your /Applications/Utilities folder) and select your boot disk from the menu on the left. make sure you're in the First Aid tab and then click the Repair Permissions button.
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I just did all that and restarted with high hopes...but no luck. :-(
Any more ideas?
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yeah, try this. navigate to your own home folder, then into the Library folder within. from there, open the Preferences folder. now look for these three files:,, and quit iTunes (if it's open), throw those three files in the trash, then run iTunes again.
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Well, that seemed rebuilt my music file, and I thought that we were getting somewhere, but no.
This isn't the biggest problem in the world, but if you have any more tricks in your bag I'd like to know.
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what version of iTunes and OS X are you using?
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The file you're looking for is actually ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/, and it'll have a name of the form[a bunch of random characters].plist. Throw any like that into the trash, relaunch iTunes, accept the license one last time, and you should be on your merry way.
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er, make that 'that's actually in ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/'
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those characters are your built-in ethernet's MAC address. this is used for apple's copy protection scheme in the itunes music store. i didn't know they used it for the license agreement, though, since you're often prompted to agree again after updating. i'd be wary of deleting those files if your computer is verified on an itunes music store account. actually, i have no idea. so just ignore me and listen to boaz.
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Do you violate it every time you open it?
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The authorization info is actually stored in a file named "SC Info.sidb" in the "/Users/Shared/SC Info" folder (it's an invisible file in an invisible folder, so you won't be able to see it in the Finder). And if you throw that out, you'll just need to enter your Apple ID and Password next time you play a copy-protected song.
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ouch, i lose twice. i'll just shut up now.
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Sorry I had to leave for awhile. I have a lot of music, but very few itunes music store purchases. And no, I don't think I'm violating the agreement. ;-)
But now we are looking for invisible files?!?
Husband just got back from the computer store and bought a new software toy, so our plan is to use the free 90 day support that comes with that and ask them. (In the past asking Apple folks at the Apple stores hasn't helped with this issue...but we'll keep our fingers crossed)
In the meantime if I get any x-ray glasses that allow me to see invisible files I'll try that.
Thank you all very much.
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TinkerTool will allow you to show invisible files in the Finder, and then allow you to reverse it back when you're done. Along with other neat customizations.

Good luck with your problem.

And, also, don't get snarky with people trying to help you (the "X-ray glasses" comment).
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Oh, I didn't mean to be snarky...I really didn't think there was anyway to see/deal with those files. I'll try the Tinker Tool link and see if I can work it out.
Sorry, humor doesn't always translate. I really do appreciate the help I've gotten.
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Please ignore my post about invisible files as it is not relevant to your problem. The real solution is to go to the same folder that tumult sent you to before, find a (perfectly visible) folder in it called 'ByHost', and then throw out all (perfectly visible) files in that folder called '[bunch of random characters].plist'.
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WhooHoo! It took some messing about but it is fixed. Thank you so much...this has been going on for quite awhile and it's nice to have it working right. :-)))
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