[CANADA] How to get copies of Pre-Sentence Reports & Psychologist Report
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My brother is being charged with a criminal offense -- I am researching similar cases to get a general understanding. Is it possible to somehow obtain Pre-Sentence Reports and Psychologist Reports from past-cases posted in say CanLII?
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(IAAL, IANYL, TINLA, but just basic info about what documents are available on legal research dbs)

These records might have been exhibits in past cases (but not always). Exhibits are not publicly posted anywhere in criminal court cases, generally. You would have to ask courts for copies of those documents.
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I doubt it - all sorts of records, and health records in particular, are protected by privacy legislation. You'd need to contact the courts or whatever government office holds the paperwork, and if they release it they'd likely need to anonymise it. Could be pricey. Ask and see what they say.

I work in government privacy legislation responding to requests to access documents... But not in your country, and not usually health records.
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