How to get Facebook to stop suggesting adult-oriented groups?
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Let's say I've got a somewhat eclectic group of friends, the result of which being that I get some rather unorthodox, adults-only suggestions for Facebook groups to join. These things don't offend *me* but I'd be embarrassed if my mother or coworkers were looking at something I wanted to show them and these happened to be hanging out on the side panel. Can I turn this off within Facebook, are there any browser add-ons (Firefox and/or Chrome) I can use?
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You can install AdBlockPlus with the Element Blocker add-in. Then you can hide the group suggestions element. I assume you're ok with not getting any suggested groups.
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I don't think you can tell FB not to do this, but you just prompted me to test out a small Stylish script, which appears to do the trick:

.ego_unit_container {
display: none;

The "Suggested groups" header still appears, but no actual groups show up.
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(Side note: this will also nix things like "Recent friends" and other similar sidebar things. There may be a more granular way to do this, but I don't miss those either so I probably won't search for it.)
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You might try Facebook Purity.
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Fantastic- looks like AdBlock plus the extension will do this for me.
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Social Fixer is another extension option. It will let you hide suggested groups (and fix a lot of other annoyances as well.)
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I can't favorite sevenless' suggestion of Social Fixer hard enough. I absolutely love it, and likely wouldn't be using Facebook without it.
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Nthing Facebook Purity and Social Fixer.
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