Can you find the lecture about doxxing and vigilantes?
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Circa 2010 I saw a video of a talk on dangers of twitter and hacktivism. The man giving this presentation gave an example of a tweet that angered hacktivists. One of them doxxed the twitter user and found out his/her address. A flash mob of angry people showed up at the doorstep. But the wrong address had been used. Then someone died (the homeowner? someone in the crowd? I can't recall.)

The speaker emphasized that this scenario was fictional, but its constituent phenomena are real. He said it was only a matter of time before it came true.

Does anyone have a link to this video?
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Best answer: P.S. I'm dumb. It was here on MeFi the whole time! Behold the power of the internet.
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Talk by the excellent Tom Scott btw.
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