I can talk about polyphenols all day, but names escape me.
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I'm a fledging dietitian ready to spread my wings. Please help me think of names for a future nutrition counseling practice and blog!

I am finally (!) finishing up my M.S. coursework and dietetic internship, and thinking ahead to starting my own practice when I pass my RD licensing exam.

I'm looking forward to working with individuals in a motivational interviewing, client-centered approach. A lot of my past experience has been working with women with eating disorders, and I believe wholeheartedly in an "all foods fit" nutrition philosophy, as well as a Health at Every Size model.

I would also love to maintain a blog where I can share healthy recipes, answer questions, and write about different topics, as well as offering nutrition counseling over Skype or email.

I'm into vegetables, fermentation (sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir), pickling, composting, soaking, whole foods, DIY, intuitive eating, simple foods, running outside, lifting weights, CSAs, body positivity and acceptance, plant strong/nutrient dense eating (but not necessarily vegan and or vegetarian), evidence-based practice.

I'm not into diets, food restriction, calories, artificial sweeteners, low-fat, negative body talk.

Ideally I would have one name for both blog and practice, but I am open to having two! The best I have come up with so far is "Verdant Nutrition" - I love the sound of verdant, and its connotations of abundance, lushness, richness. I also love the word "nourish", but I think it sounds weird with verdant. Not looking for too much hippiness or woo, I prefer more concise elegant names.

This is not at all my forte, and I appreciate all help!
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EveryBody's Nutrition.
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The Cornucopia.

Happy Eating

Healthy Abundance

Food Goodness
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I like Verdant Nutrition! I think it's clear and elegant. It's easy for this kind of thing to get cheesy quickly.

My two ideas:

Simple Abundance (is this maybe a thing already though?)
BrightGreen Nutrition (I was trying to go for a positive and healthy spin. Looks kind of a like a start-up, though?)
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I like what you put in your question:

All Foods Fit

So you could call it

All Foods Fit Diet and Nutrition Centre

I would caution against anything too green or health food sounding, as it may turn off some clientele who don't want to get 'converted' but just want to get healthy.
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I actually don't like Verdant Nutrition. The only way I can describe it is that it's too sharp-sounding. If I saw that blog name in a list of Google results, I would skip over it. I'm just one data point though!

Positive Wellness

Positively Well


Blooming Health / Blooming Wellness

Transforming Your Health

A Healthier You

Wholesome Me / Wholesome You

Living Wellness

Vibrancy / Vibrant You

Nourished Life / Nourished You

FWIW, I am totally someone who is in your target audience for this type of blog and service.
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Nourishing Intuition
Intuitive Eating
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Nourish Your Life.

Font of Wellness.
(it's a bit of a play on words -- like font as in the writing on the screen and font of knowledge.)

You might want to consider kind of a made up word. Maybe something like: Verdanza. Or: Nouriche.

A made up word has some leeway for coming to mean to people what you want it to mean. It might reduce the baggage that a lot of diet/nutrition/health type words have for a lot of people.
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I like Verdant!

I actually hate the word Nourish for some reason but it's very trendy right now.
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Verdant Nourishment
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How about something like:

Fresh Life
Verdant You

Or for made up words, what about:
Verder (sort of like "verdant larder")
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Another vote for "All Foods Fit". It makes me think of non-woo and non-diet methods that focus on lifestyle changes without sacrificing everything.
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Body in Bloom
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As you mention your interest in fermentation products, I've been playing with getting "culture" into the name, but I've got no idea how to work it in, but I thought I'd suggest it just in case something clicked.
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