What is the best online person-finding website?
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I am looking for contact information for a specific person, and since all of my leads have been exhausted, I'm thinking about using one of those sites like Spokeo to reach them. Is there any good information out there on which of these is the best and/or anecdotal information about which of them is best?

This is for a reporting project I'm working on. Just trying to locate a phone number.
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No comment on the pay services, but check your local public library if you haven't already - they might have access to some databases with this information.
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I've had good luck with KnowX - and they're run by Lexis Nexis (which means they know 'bout data, and are not a fly-by-night racket).
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I've used PeopleSmart. I got the information I was looking for.

Be aware that if this person has tried to remove their online records, that you might be out of luck. I did this, and tried to use PeopleSmart to find myself and could not.

You might be better off hiring a real life Private Investigator.
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Seconding public library. They probably have ReferenceUSA or similar which may have the info you need.
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If you are looking for work / professional contact info Jigsaw.com can be really useful. I've got a ridiculous amount of credit there, so feel free to MeMail me the name and whatever else you have and I'll be happy to run a search for you.
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I found my birthmother (it was a happy reunion) partially by using Radaris and Spokeo and the like. I only paid to see a full record after they signaled enough details to let me know I was likely looking at the right person, and the payments were each under $10.

Be aware that if the person you seek has only a mobile number, and no landline, you won't fine their phone number this way.
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I've used PeopleSmart as well to track someone down and it did a remarkable job of whittling down the 4-5 people in the country with the same name until I found the right person. Totally worth the $10 or $20 or whatever they charge for 24hrs of unlimited access.
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