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My role at my job is changing and I need to stay more abreast of the latest trends in IT, specifically: enterprise platforms (CRMs, CSMs, Human Resources, General Ledger, and lots more!), mobile strategy, cloud-first strategy, DaaS, and I'm sure things I don't even know about yet. I'm looking for good blogs/online resources that I can stay on top of to help me with this. Note: I do not have a CS background, but am OK reading things that require additional digging to understand.

I see that other people have asked similar questions and I will use the info in them. The latest looks to be from 2012, so I thought it couldn't hurt to ask again.
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If you're doing this for a non-profit, then the NTEN conference is basically all about this.
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This is a really broad question. Are you going to be supporting these platforms from an infrastructural standpoint? Are you trying to help a business or organization choose between the various platforms? Or are you more interested in becoming a skilled user of the platforms? There are many different answers based on your goal.
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Reading at the the headlines of reddit programming is a good way to see what's hot in the world of people implementing the hot new technologies.
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Best answer: CIO magazine and it's website Are what you are looking for here. Broad it trends in the workplace.
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