Give me the best short bursts of horror/VHS/halloween nostalgia you got.
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I'm putting together a Halloween marathon party this weekend, with a few horror movies (about evenly split between good and cheesy selections), and lots of video interludes in between that speak to a sense of pre-2000 horror/VHS/halloween nostalgia. I need your help on the interludes. I'm finding it hard to pick the exact vibe I'm looking for, but for examples:

I'm looking for things like the last 30 seconds of this Summer Camp Nightmare trailer for video store owners, any trailer narrated by Percy Rodrigues, the Mr. Show "Monster Parties: Fact or Fiction?" sketch, this local commercial for a video store chain...anything that's either a wonderful cultural artifact and reminds one of Halloween, or video stores before they went extinct, or both, or just a really funny Halloween-tinged piece of culture.

I only have time for a very few longer things that aren't full movies, and right now it looks like that will be taken up by the Amelia segment of Trilogy of Terror, the first 20 minutes of When A Stranger Calls, the Halloweenie episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and a midnight all-the-lights-off playing of a radio play from Nightfall. MAYBE Shirley Jackson's The Lottery on audiobook.

Can you help me find more of what I'm looking for? Anything that reminds you of Halloween is a good fit - funny, scary, warm-nostalgia-fuzzies - I'm open to anything.
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One other example of something I'm playing that might be helpful: this movie theater promo (not quite a normal trailer) for a marathon screening of the Orgy Of The Living Dead trilogy, promising that the movie theater will cover your stay in an asylum "for the rest of your natural life" should this "explosion of terror" drive you mad.
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How about a compilation of video distribution logos? Or this Siskel & Ebert segment on "video nasties"?
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There's a Disney special from the 1980s called DTV Monster Hits, setting pop music to spooky disney clips that scared the crap out of me as a four year old. It's all on youtube, either as one big piece or all the different music videos separately, which could fill some gaps between things. The youtube comments are full of people saying that they watched it every year on VHS, so maybe some of these would fit?

Full Special

Bad Moon Rising, which is the one that to this day occasionally turns up in my nightmares.
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For some laughs between movies and other film clips, while folks are refilling their drinks and such, how about Frasier's radio presentation of "Nightmare Inn"?
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I also recommend this remix of an anti-Halloween Christian propaganda video by the fine folks at Everything is Terrible.
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kept meaning to post this -- the intro to "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
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Intro to the TV series "Tales from the Darkside"
Original Intro to the TV series "Friday the 13th" (which is totally unrelated to the film franchise)
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All these answers were awesome - thank you.

While the party is past, I'd still love any more of these that folks have - especially memorable or lost-in-time horror trailers are especially appreciated. Thanks again!
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