Cheap Cell Phones?
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Is there a way to find cheap cell phones online without a contract? I've heard of online "outlet stores" from a few random people here and there, but haven't yet been able to actually stumble upon one.
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MyWorldPhone is a good resource for GSM phones (Cingular and T-Mobile). But their prices aren't "cheap". Though, one has to wonder, how do you plan to use the phone without a contract?
posted by SeizeTheDay at 10:06 AM on November 11, 2005 has a lot of inexpensive, unlocked gsm phones...
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(U.S.) I would just get a Tracfone if it's for minor, very occasional use... myself and some people I know have switched to it and we've been happy with it. Lots of threads in here about it. If you use more than a few hours a month, though, Tracfone isn't the best solution.
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My sister-in-law got a cheap phone on eBay to use with an existing contract. (Her previous phone had been stolen.)
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My last 3 phones over the last 3 years have come from eBay. Cheaper than the phones would be with new contracts, even.
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long-abandoned phones from lost & found + new chips = cheap phone

i always use for all of my extras purchases, but i haven't tried them for an actual phone. they seem cheap to me, but i don't do much comparison shopping. they also have awesome prices on grim reaper hologram stickers.
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2nd on eBay. You might also want to dig around HowardForums buy/sell/trade area, or at least dig for the phone you're considering, just in case it's locked.
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Crayton Electronics sells used cell phones with no contracts.
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and so does
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