Food safety question: Mussels with green, mealy innards?
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I have a tub of cooked and marinated Mussel meat I bought today and I have just found that most of the animals are partly filled with a dark green mealy paste-like substance that looks like mud. Is this just roe? Or is it filth?


Talleys brand New Zealand Greenshell Mussels, "Cooked, Shelled and Ready to eat"
perna canaliculus
Best before:
March 2015

I purchased them today from supermarket and I have eaten and enjoyed this brand before.
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Oh yum! I love those mussels. Can you post a photo? They often have gritty greenish-black stuff in the crevices, that's (as far as I know) just sand or bits of shell. Partly filled sounds like more than that, though, so maybe to be safe I wouldn't?
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Yep! I would (and have) eaten this. I think it's part of the digestive system or something similar. It's fine.
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IIRC, it's the liver.

Regardless, perfectly edible.
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Yup, eat it.
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Response by poster: I didnt.
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