What's the best place to buy a heritage turkey in Los Angeles?
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Planning ahead for Thanksgiving dinner in a new city. On Long Island my parents used to go to a local turkey farm where you could choose your bird and they'd slaughter it fresh for you. I'd love something similar in the Los Angeles area; failing that, I'm looking for the best place where I can reserve a fresh, heritage bird -- happy to pay extra for it.
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You might try some of the folks on this list.
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Thank you! Not sure why I had trouble finding this myself. Embarrassed to have it answered so quickly! Thanks.
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I definitely recommend Lindy and Grundy. Great butcher shop overall.
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For the sake of listing alternatives. I reserved mine at Whole Foods on their website. Very easy and delicious.
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FYI, Lindy and Grundy just closed in September.
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Lindy and Grundy is closed.

From the LA Times list....

Diestel , Shelton, and Mary's available at WF, Gelson's and the like, are all basically factory farmed birds. Meh.

I have no opinion on Willie Birds from Harvey Gus Meats (who is a wholesaler, btw) but the owners are sweethearts.

Ditto the owner and crew at FishKing, but no, probs would not get my bird from a seafood wholesaler (and I deal with these folks almost daily.)

YES ON MC CALL'S and whatever they are offering. Every time I identify a local ranch or producer that is top notch quality, whether poultry or meat, McCall's already carries them.

The farm in LaCrescenta sounds promising and I may check them out this year!

I have zero info on BN Ranch Turkeys.

- Not on the list but local and worth noting....

La Bahn Ranch available at the farmer's market (I think Tuesday or Thursday??) on La Cienega & Sundays at Calabassas Farmer's Market - 2 years ago was the best damn turkey I ever ever cooked.

You must order from them directly at the farmer's market. They have no web presence and even if you have their phone number and know them (I do) they are pretty bad at taking orders or phoning you back. Great eggs and chicken, too. Also duck eggs.

Happy Family Farms (or Ranch?) at South Pasedena Farmer's Market on Thursdays has superior chicken and pork. If they are selling Turkeys this year, I bet they will be Awesome Sauce. You can likely phone the market manager and ask instead of trucking to South Pass if you are not nearby. Her name is Carol. I'm sure the number is online, and on the South Pasadena Chamber of Congress website.

Again, take a pass on Diestel, Shelton, or Mary's birds. I've tried. So disappointing after the La Bahn Ranch bird 2 years ago.

Also, in DTLA, if they are still open... Urban Radish tends to source superior seafood, poultry, and meats. Their prices are generally amazing. Similar or same purveyors as McCall's, the former Lindy & Grundy, and some farmer's markets.

I gotta say NO to Marconda's at The Grove. Not for this, nope. (They do sell an excellent half sour pickle, tho.)

That's all the info I got. Hope it helps.
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