What theme should I choose for a 30 minute radio newsmagazine?
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Next Friday I will be the producer for a 30 minute radio newsmagazine. What should the theme of the show be?

There is a staff of about 10 reporters (journalism students). I want the theme to be broad enough to give them some leeway, but narrow enough that they have to be a bit more creative.
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Well, what kind of newsmagazine is it? What topics are normally covered?
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The Corporate-Academic relationship
Kampus Kops (must be spelled with K's or one big K)
Whither goest the scholar-athlete ideal?
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Without knowing the type of newsmagazine limit their scope by differentiating where they can get their information. Let some only get their information through interviewing individuals, others only through the internet, others only through reading actual physical newspers.

I would think that it would be interesting to see the different perspective that each got if they could only get the pulse of the story though one type of distribution.

If the the topic was national or international nature, then you could see the differences between the newspapers (the ones physically accesible in the area) vs those who can every perspective imanigiable vs only speaking to to individuals (both locally & internationally).

You could probably mix & match in any number of ways to suit the resources & topic.
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Because it's a show by students, the topics vary from week to week. They aren't limited to campus issues, but the stories are usually local.
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Intelligent design might be an interesting topic. There's plenty to cover, between Dover and Kansas and Pat Robertson.
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Affluenza, the growing american personal debt bug.
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I'd humbly suggest that a brief perusal of the front page of MeFi should give you ample fodder for coming up with a topic.
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Student economics is always a hot topic -- payin' the bills, getting by on a shoestring salary and still being able to buy books, etc.
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