How do I get ebooks on my blackberry?
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Getting ebooks on my blackberry?

I have a blackberry for work I'm wondering if I can get ebooks from Project Gutenberg on them. I don't know what type of blackberry I have. The Project Gutenberg files tend to be txt files. Any thoughts?
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Google search for "blackberry ebooks":
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Mobipocket has a beta reader application you can download. If you've ever used their software for a Palm or PocketPC, its basically the same thing. Since it is beta, the install and synching is a bit clumsy. I also had it crash on me for an especially long book, but that was with an earlier beta, and it may be fixed now.
Only reads PRC files, but if you do a google search, you'll be able to find plenty of free converters that will take txt or html files and make them into PRC.
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