What's new in Chicago?
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I lived in Chicago for years and generally come back pretty often, but somehow it's been over a year since my last visit. What new/newish restaurants, bars, and attractions — new within the last, say, 18 months — should be at the top of my to-do list on my upcoming trip?

Other than sports bars, I'm open to just about any style of venue, and honestly, if it was like a really fun sports bar, I'd probably enjoy it anyway. For these purposes, cost is no object as I am still in the fantasy-planning portion of the scheduling. I'll be staying in Boystown, but can get just about anywhere.
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For starters, here is Chicago Magazine's list of the best new restaurants. I haven't visited any of these yet, but their lists of new places are generally quite reliable.
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Ok, apologies if any of these are older than 18th months, but here's a random list of things off the top of my head. I live on the northwest side so this is very Logan Square/a short bike ride from Logan Square centric.

FRIED CHICKEN (there's been a boom) (self link; opinions, I haves em)

Crazy Chicken
Honey Butter Fried Chicken


Slippery Slope
The Radler


Xoco Wicker Park (maybe not worth hitting up if you're flying into the O'hare terminal with the Frontera torta restaurant, or are familiar with the Clark/Illinois location)
Dove's Luncheonette
A million hipster donut places
Webster's Wine Bar
The Olive Garden (lol)
Fatso's Last Stand (formerly Phil's, RIP Phil)
Cellar Door Provisions (their food is overpriced but the pastries omfg)
Craft Pizza

I personally really like Small's and want to try Dove's.
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City Winery is relatively new, and while it's a chain, it's got relatively small number of locations (all in other cities).
I feel like there's been a boom of microbreweries in the last few years, and chicago magazine's got a list of 'em.
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