looking for a print/copy shop in Boston that you don't have to babysit
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I'm looking for a print/copy shop, preferably downtown Boston, but will travel to nearby areas by T, that can do small batches (12-25) of full-color brochures that need to be folded a particular way. Apparently quite a few print shops don't do small runs, or don't do folding. Our current vendor, who I will politely not name, has left us unsatisfied on a few occasions (color not great, messed up the folding job, requiring us to refold them all). Already tried ProPriint, and their quote was fairly expensive (~1300$ for 25 ) Ideally we'd be looking at half that amount. I'm hoping someone can provide a "I've used VENDORX and they were AWESOME" kind of testimonial.
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I had good experiences with Classic Graphix in Central!
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Gnomon Copy in Harvard square ain't exactly cheap, but their ability to turn out exactly what I needed on very short notice was always appreciated (and impressive).
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FWIW, I worked in a fold, stitch and trim bindery for a year a couple of decades ago, primarily as a folder operator. Setting up a machine to fold 12-25 of something is silly. Unless the fold needed is something extremely simple, like a letterfold or folding a sheet in half, the operator could easily waste more than a dozen pieces just getting the folder properly adjusted. Similarly, the equipment used for large-volume printing is not efficient for very short runs.

My wife, who arranges a lot of print work at her job, thinks you should go to Kinko's, and hand-fold whatever they can't do.
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Seconding Gnomon Copy. When I had a couple challenging print jobs, they were the only ones who were even willing to give it a try (and succeeded).
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For so few brochures, wouldn't it be easier to just have them printed wherever and (assuming this is for a employer) have the intern or assistant spend 15 minutes folding them?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately neither Classic or Gnomon can accommodate the paper size we need. I may check into Kinko's or Staples, but the thing is that we don't have an intern, and we would really rather not waste our time and client money folding them ourselves.
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