Coffee house music in NYC? Late night coffee shops?
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I've found great music and open mics in NYC, but exclusively at bars. I miss the coffee house music of my college days, where I could sip a chai instead of a beer in a laid back atmosphere.

I was recently directed to Tea Lounge in Park Slope for their Sunday night open mic, but I went last night and didn't find the atmosphere to my liking; too loud, too busy, too bar-like, and an MC who constantly wanted to get me amped up.

Failing that, does anybody know of coffee houses that are open after 10pm? I never feel at ease reading a book solo in a bar and would love to find a nice nook somewhere that I can do that on a quiet Friday night. Everywhere I visit regularly closes down between 7 and 10. Anywhere will do, but I live in upper Brooklyn so Williamsburg/Bushwick area would be fantastic.
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Best answer: Heh. Came here to recommend Tea Lounge - their atmosphere is very different day-to-day, but it can indeed be busy in the evenings.

Outpost Cafe around Crown/Prospect Heights is usually open until midnight, and is a great coffee+work spot with a great backyard.

Bedford Hill in Bed-stuy is small and turns into a quiet talking/chatting bar on the weekends, open until 1am (predictably louder on Saturday eves, but still quite good), but lit via candlelight.
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Best answer: Troost in Greenpoint is great for this. Sometimes they have live music, but usually they just put on some good full albums. There are often people reading alone on weekend (and weekday) nights. They serve coffee/tea as well as beer/wine. Nice backyard when it's warm enough.
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