Where can I buy Oakley sunglasses that aren't made anymore? (Oakley Four, not Four S)
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Where can I buy Oakley sunglasses that aren't made anymore? Model: Four (Not Four S), Color: Crystal Red.

I think I bought and lost the last pair in Southern California, and my Google-Fu is not sufficient to find a 'Four' without picking up all of these Four-S's.

(I *THINK* that the model is a 'Four'. After googling a bit, I'm loosing a little faith that the 'Four' model exists)
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These might be the sunglasses you're looking for - not sure.
posted by iconomy at 8:25 AM on November 10, 2005

These too, maybe? Probably not though, you would have found these yourself if you had googled oakley crystal red four -s.
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That might be them; anyone know the differences between the two models? Also, anyone know any other sellers if these are the right ones? That second seller says that their shopping cart is out of the 'testing' phase whenever one tries to purchase anything.
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(Just send an email to the customer service of that second website and it came back with 'mailbox full'. Methinks that company might be dead, as of their 2002 copywrite date)
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That second link has a toll-free # in case you want to find out more about the glasses, or order them: 1-866-869-3630.
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Trivia: I'm 99% sure the Oakley Four is the model worn by Wesley Snipes in the Blade movies. The Four is a slightly smaller, squared off version of the popular Five, which decended from the Frogskins.
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So are there no companies that still sell these things?
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Oakley changes their lineup periodically. When stores are out of a discontinued model, they're out. I've had to update my style a couple of times over the years when I lost a pair and could not replace them.

In fact, now that I look into it, it appears that my own current model, the Fives 2.0, has been replaced by the Fives 3.0. [Heads off to look for discontinued sunglasses.]
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