What is the 1970s font used on this book cover?
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Can anyone identify the font used on this War of the Worlds book cover? It's typically, graphically seventies, and similar to Avant Garde. This is the only sample I've got to hand, so I've had no luck on Identifont or WhatTheFont. If it's any help, I recently saw the same font on a reproduction of a poster for the book (not the film) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (not one of Ralph Steadman's).
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It does look pretty much like Avant Garde, with a Bauhaus"e" and weirdly selective italic applied to the upper-case letters. Super seventies, indeed!
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It definitely is Avant Garde, complete with some of its original letterform variations that I assume were lost when the font was adapted for desktop publishing.

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro revives them.
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It is indeed Avant Garde. Those are ITC Avant Garde alternates, just reissued by the foundry. You can buy them from any vendor of ITC, as tepidmonkey notes. Those alternates are indeed available in this most recent iteration of the typeface.
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