Find past unlock codes for iPhone?
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I've forgotten the PIN for my credit card. It was the same as the 'swipe to unlock' code for my iPhone 5 (running iOS 7), three codes ago (ie, I've changed it twice since then). I thought I remembered the PIN, and tried to make this my new unlock code, hoping it would say 'nope, too recent' and I'd say 'a ha, that's it', but no luck (and now I have a new number to remember). Is there a way I can view past unlock codes for my iPhone?

It's not a huge drama, as I've ordered a replacement card, but if I can find out the code anyway I can use my card over the weekend.
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Response by poster: And of course, I've just remembered it (after two weeks), and confirmed by trying to change my bloody unlock code.

Thanks anyway!
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