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Who is selling plain fleece clothing this year for children/teens? Mail order or big mall OK.

Just went through the winter box and everything is outgrown (some things can be handed down). Where can I get some plainish, several color options to pick from, fleece pants and pull overs without breaking the bank? I used to shop thrifts and clearance racks but that's not going to happen in the timeframe by which I need to get a half dozen pieces.

Previously bought them from The Childrens Place one county over but I think the crew may have outgrown it size wise. Just charity boxed the last few pairs that I'd augmented to fit tall but skinny kids (sewing fancy fleece cuffs in matching colors).

Boys and girls colors and styles OK.
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Response by poster: plain = no big garish logos or numbers or crap
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I would go to Lands End first for things like this. Not sure exactly what you're looking for, but they have a pretty wide variety and are reasonably cheap (or at least not expensive). Is that the right price range/styles for you?
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Best answer: Kohls has quite a lot along these lines-- not Lands End quality, but also considerably less expensive. That list is super long, so you may have to narrow by size.
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Land's End will be the most logo-free of them all, and while it used to be the best quality at the best price, it's gone downhill a bit over the past few years. It still lasts longer and in better condition than stuff from Old Navy does, though.
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Best answer: My current favorites for quality-but-affordable plain kid's clothes are RUUM and Uniqlo.

Further details:

1) RUUM have sales CONSTANTLY and they run a little small (maybe half a size), but don't let that fool you, they're much better quality than same-price-point stores like Old Navy or The Children's Place. I just pulled out a pair of their fleece sweatpants for my 2 year old (still in the clearance section too) and they're thick enough to be worn out without fear of him ripping the knees or being too cold. I've also scored cashmere blend hats from them for under $5 too.

2) Uniqlo's Heat Tech range comes highly recommended for winter. I'm pretty sure their smaller adult sizes will work for teens too.
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Best answer: Blank Apparel! No logos, ten bajillion colors, really low prices because they buy wholesale. Link to kids' fleece things.
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Hanes makes cheap but decent options. You can buy it direct from them online or from a place like Walmart.
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Seconding Hanes. I get them at Target and they last forever.
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Response by poster: Looks like this year Land's End only has fleece sleep pants (which means they may be treated with fire retardant - there is a generic phrasing that the pants meet flammability standards).

Kohl's is promising. Bottoms G B.

Boden is cute but all tops. A bit out my comfort price range.

Hanes is cotton fleece. Never knew there was such a thing. RUUM seems to be the same, cotton fleece. Who knew?

UNIQULO is new to me. I love the prints! No fleece pants, though the lined cargo pants aren't terrible ...

BlankApparel! is about cotton blend fleece as well. Ah, well, still a keeper for other items sometime. :)

Thanks, all. Looks like I'm heading to Kohl's.
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Sierra Trading Post. Sign up for the email list and then use one of their 'coupon codes'.
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Just a heads-up, Buttons Bellbottom, since you said you don't want Hanes-style cotton fleece, that the two bottoms you linked are all-polyester versions of the same kind of fabric Hanes uses-- that is, sweatshirt fabric, smooth outside and flocked inside (you can see that if you zoom in on the pics). If you want the fleece-y, puffy, soft on both sides, super warm material, then your keyword is "microfleece," not "fleece," these days. May not matter, and Kohls has plenty of clothes in both fabrics, but it may help if you're doing any web shopping.
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