Where to buy pink baby shirt with pink polka dots?
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I'm dressing a baby up as Nyan Cat - where can I buy a pink shirt with darker pink dots in an infant size?

I'm putting together a Nyan Cat costume for my friend's 3 month old baby to wear at a Purim party. I've got the baby hat with cat ears nailed down, and I'm sure I can find a baby-cape sized rainbow flag, but I need a shirt that looks like Nyan Cat's Pop Tart body, so pink with darker pink dots/blobs. Are there any kids clothing retailers currently selling something that meets this description? Should I just get a pink shirt and use fabric paint to make the darker pink dots/sprinkles?
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You need a tan shirt (for the pop tart) with a pink fleece icing wavy rectangle sewn on and pink dots of fleece sewn onto that. Fleece doesn't fray, so you can sew it all on by hand and it'll be fine.
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Here's dark pink with light pink dots.
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Various pink dots
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Much more expensive pink dotted bodysuit
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Dark pink with white dots
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A whole bodysuit that is brown with pink
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One on ebay that could work.
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Best answer: Wait forget that one, here's the same thing in 6 to 12 months size!
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