I'd like to show my friend all the tweets I am following on Twitter
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I set up a Twitter account and I am only following people in alternative medicine like Dr. Andrew Weil. Let's call it User: "Health News" Now I would like to share all these tweets with a friend who likes alternative medicine but she will not be able to see them unless she logs into that account. Is that right? Or is there some way I can let anyone see all the tweets that user Health News sees?

Yes, she could follow Andrew Weil and all my other favorites but then the tweets will get all jumbled with her political and sports tweets. This way I thought I would make it easy for us to just go to one page and see ONLY alternative medicine tweets. Only from people I choose to follow.

I feel like I'm missing some simple solution.
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Best answer: Twitter lists!
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Response by poster: Thanks that's it!
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