Tote-al eclipse of the heart.
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I love this purse! ... Help me find one exactly like it.

I love this purse. However, I don't particularly like the Tory Burch brand. I'm OK with most other brand names (Coach, Ralph Lauren, &c. are all fine), or no "brand" at all. I want a purse that is very very similar without actually being this one, particular Tory Burch purse.

Things I like about this purse: I like the color (I could go darker, but I like this neutral-but-slightly-rich brown shade). I like the shape. I like the flat, thin, smooth, chic leather. I like the structured yet flattish shape. I like the delicacy of the strap and hardware. I like that it sits on the shoulder, like a tote. I think I like the size and square shape, but I think I would not mind a slightly different shape, like a long rectangle (if that makes sense). I like the simplicity.

Things I do not like about this purse: It's Tory Burch. It's $300. I would pay $300, maybe, if I found the perfect purse, but I'd much rather pay $200 or $150 or find something on sale. My budget is definitely no greater than $300, however.

Failing the perfect reproduction of this purse under a different designer, what are some key words I can use to find something similar in the future? (Color words, shape words, &c. all useful. I know next-to-nothing about purses, because I hate purse shopping. Thus outsourcing to AskMe.)
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Response by poster: Also-- failing an adequate replacement, yes, I will just buy this damn purse. But first I had to try! (And just FYI, this will be a casual, everyday bag for me.)
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have you checked out michael kors? You can often times find codes for macy's or check the outlets. I've seen some great deals at the outlets. A smiliar shape is the michael kors jet set travel tote.
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Best answer: For future reference that style is generally called an "East West" tote. The category of East West totes covers a lot of territory, but that will get you started with the googling and lysting.
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Here's one from Coach.
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This Cole Haan Bellport tote is on sale, though a bit lighter in color. Comes with a cross body strap too.
Lucky Cedar tote, also with detachable cross body strap.
At $325, you can get the Everlane Petra. I like this one the most, though it's slightly above your budget.
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Larkin tote


Ashbury tote
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This fifty dollar red one from Chapters/Indigo is very close except imitation leather instead of real. I've seen them in person though, and they're not bad fakes at all.
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Seconding the Michael Kors. I know someone who has the Jet Set and I lust after it.
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Speaking as a giant cheapo, I would think you could go to TJMaxx (Or Indigo as noted above) and get something pretty damn close for $50. Any difference would not be a difference worth $250 to correct.
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Best answer: Here's a Modista search for something that looks similar. Unfortunately I couldn't find your exact purse on there.
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Have you looked at Etsy? Here are a few sellers I think you might like:

Rib & Hull
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Similar: KNOMO London Cavendish Open Tote Bag – but the choice of colors may not work.

Closest (that I've found): Michael Kors Jet Set Large Travel E/W Tote

Faux Leather version: Guess Delaney Tote (medium); also available in small and large

Less similar, but rather nice: Calvin Klein Key Item East/West Tote

And here is one from an Italian store mentioned by a mefite that I've had bookmarked since the Great Mefi Enbaggening, but which is probably too big for your needs: Sofia Exclusive Shopping bag. To find similar bags on that site, search "shopping."
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Best answer: Banana Republic has a very similar bag in its stores right now in your price range.
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Try madewell and j crew, specifically this one

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Response by poster: I marked my favorite bags as best answers, but then I found this perfect dupe:

I love everything about it but the not-real-leather, but at least it's cheap. Going with that one!
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