Simple, clean, non-realtime online chess options?
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I'm looking to play chess long distance with an elderly relative, one move every day or so. Looking for: dead simple/clean interface and email notification when a move has been made. No need for a login and ad free would be nice, but not a deal breaker.
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Best answer: This is the exact reason I built E-mail Chess Club! I haven't officially "launched" it or anything but I'd be honored if you tried it out and let me know what you think. It's pretty handy so far, once you start a game you can reply in algebraic chess notation to the e-mails or make a move through the web interface.
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Response by poster: That looks amazing! Will give it a try now.
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Does your relative have an iPhone or equiv? I can't think of a simpler way than emailing post-move photos of a physical chess board. You could switch chairs and take the photo from his perspective and he'd see it just as if he was sitting there.

Bonus: you wouldn't have to keep the board set up between moves, because every photo would have the entire game state.
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Other options include and - both require login, but there are no ads that I remember.
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A bunch of Mefites joined RedHotPawn a few years ago. Requires login, you get ads if you're playing free. (You can play up to 6 games at a time for free)
Option to receive automated move notifications via email. Easy to set up and play.
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