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My good friend and I would like to plan a holiday for 7-10 days in February. Because Carnival will be happening around then, we are leaning toward South America. But where?

Our wives and children will not be coming, so it'll just be the two of us. We are in our late 30s and we are both quite comfortable off the beaten path. We have a budget of about $2 - 3000 each. Neither of us have been to South America before. I was thinking Uruguay, because hey -- Uruguay! But we're open to all suggestions.

Where is an interesting / adventurous / memorable place to go in South America for Carnival? It doesn't need to offer the biggest party. We have nothing against parties, but we're equally happy meeting other travellers, grokking the locals, bushwacking in wilderness, eating delish (or maybe just strange) food, etc. Bonus points if it's in Uruguay.

Thanks (in advance) for your help!
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Panama has a fairly big carnival, as well.
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The first half of February includes the Quebec carnival. Caribou, poutine and ice canoes!
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I have no personal experience, but I had a roommate from Trinidad and their carnival looked fabulous. Trinidad and Tobago look really great for natural beauty too--especially Tobago.
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There are Carnivals throughout Brazil, not just in Rio. The Carnival in Salvador da Bahia is a massive street party with the focus on live music (often with the band on top of a roving truck) and dancing. It can be a little rough though.

Many other Brazilian cities have their own celebrations with their own different characters. Here's a link a quick Google search dug up.

I've been to Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia, too, which I didn't like that much, but it might be to your taste.
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