Have you been to the Forevertron?
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The Forevertron website says it's closed Tuesdays-- is it actually closed off?

I am driving through Wisconsin tomorrow and would like to see the Forevertron, but the website says it is closed on Tuesdays. Is it closed as in behind a fence, so that I can't walk around, or is it closed as in they just don't offer tours that day? I called, but no answer. If I can still walk around I would like to stop by, but it's out of my way by a bit, so if I can't even walk around it's not worth the trip. Anyone been there who can tell me?
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I've been a few times. I think there is a fence-but I am not certain. I can't recall there ever being someone there giving tours- we have always just roamed around on our own.
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Best answer: I've always gone in through Delaney's house of surplus, but I see they're closed Tuesdays too. My recollection is that while there are a couple big pieces accessible from the road, the rest are behind a fence.
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I've been a number of times. There's a chain link fence all around. You can see some of the wonders through the fence, but it won't be nearly the same experience.
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I had the same experience as Jesse the K. I think there are 3-5 pieces outside the fence. Those pieces alone are TOTALLY worth a stop if you're driving by, but maybe don't merit a separate trip.
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One data point: I have visited the Forevertron many times, at least one of which was on a day when no one was around at all. My friends and I were able to just wander around as we wished. (Do make sure to put a few bucks in the donation thingy.)
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