What is the song in the new Jeep Commercial, September 2014?
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The song has been stuck in my head - I believe it is a Michael Jackson song (it is NOT, I repeat, NOT "Love Never Felt So Good"). I can't seem to find it on YouTube or ISPOT, but it shows people doing "autumn" outdoor activities in various Jeep models. One of the scenes is a pick-up game of football lit by the headlights of two Jeeps.
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There is a Jeep Commercial out now with "A Place With No Name" in the background, though I don't see the football scene you're referring to in it.
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Response by poster: That does sound an awful lot like it, even though it's not the exact commercial. I'll probably see it later tonight. Maybe it's a regional ad (I'm in RI, if that matters).
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Is it this one, called "Celebration Event"? The song is, I gather, A Place Without No Name, still. It has the football game, at least.
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