Silver women's combat boots.
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Help me replace my beloved Docs.

I've had this pair for years -- 14-hole combat boots in "pewter koram flash." They're still my go-to boots, but they need constant zipper replacements and the silver finish is a real mess. Unfortunately, they haven't been produced for years.

I've repeatedly tried to replace them with newer Docs, but I haven't been happy with any of them. The midcalf height, unisex styling, inside zipper, and relatively understated metallic finish (no patterns, not too blindingly bright) have been hard to replicate, plus novelty Docs seem to get cheaper-looking with each passing year.

I'd really like to keep my budget under $150. I am open to a little stylistic shift. Does anyone have recommendations for boots of this type? I feel like there's nothing out there, but at a time when big boots and metallics are still reasonably fashionable, that seems unlikely.
posted by thesmallmachine to Clothing, Beauty, & Fashion (10 answers total) 3 users marked this as a favorite terms of stylistic shift, any interest in something like this silver clog?
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Response by poster: Hmm...those are handsome, but I always roll my ankles in clogs. I am definitely looking for either a flat or a chunky heel with zero taper.
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FWIW, regarding ankle rolling in clogs, I can't wear Danskos because of that problem, but Sanitas are much more stable and I have been wearing a pair for the past year with zero ankle rolls. (They still don't feel quite as stable as Docs though.)
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Not combat boots, but how about these? Or these are lace-ups?
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Best answer: A bit more spendy, but how about Fluevog? The Valentina in gold for sparkly, and the various Derby Swirls for style?
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Best answer: These? Not super blinding, have a zipper, but 8 hole instead of 14.
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Best answer: I just saw these and thought of you.
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I actually found the OG pewter ones on Amazon--have you checked?
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Response by poster: I was looking for the taller version is the thing (14 holes, not 8). But thanks, everybody -- some excellent leads!
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Spendier, but actual pewter docs. They are 22 hole, though.

Alternatively, you could repaint some of the blinding silver ones, since they seem to be easily obtainable in the height you desire. I've painted many boots, and though they do require touch ups from time to time, it looks great.
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