How can I print to my Lexmark X945e and have it staple every 8 pages?
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At work I generate personalized 8-page PDFs that I get in one large file. How can I send these to my Lexmark X945e multi-purpose color laser printer so that each "set" of 8 pages is stapled?

I'm running Windows 7 and I have Adobe Acrobat X Standard installed. I am unable to install freeware, etc. that would do this (if it exists), and I have access to a limited catalog of other corporate-approved software.

Things I've thought of that would take too much time:
* Selecting File -> Print and choosing to print just pages 1-8, then 9-16, then 17-24, etc. Since I routinely have 800-1200+ page files this could take a long time
* Using Adobe Acrobat X Standard to split the large file into multiple 8-page documents, then printing each one. I need to keep these documents in alphabetical order so I'm not certain this is the best method, either.

Bonus question: If I could get each file to print as a 11x17 booklet, stapled and folded, that would be ideal!

I'm hoping that I'm missing a setting somewhere, either in Adobe or on the printer itself, that would allow me to do this with minimum fuss. Thank you!
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Gathering pages into booklets for printing is called imposition. The only imposition plugins I've seen require Acrobat Pro, unfortunately.
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I think PDFtk should do the trick, assuming there's some way to batch print the resulting documents.
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Split the files with acrobat. You can choose the naming convention, so that should be OK. Then batch print those with the staple setting.

Imposing those 8pg pdfs into booklets can be done with an acrobat plug-in, but the no software thing is going to be a big hindrance. Certainly you can get IT to work with you on this?

What kind of server is running the printer? Have any fiery software on it?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the thoughts so far.
The printer driver can take any 8-page PDF and print it as a booklet, so I don't think I'm looking for imposition solutions.
Is there a smart way to batch print individual files in order?
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