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I have a somewhat unusual setup - I use a 26" TV set at 1360X768 as my main monitor, and a 17" monitor as my secondary. I will be adding a third. More...

I sit about about 3 1/2 feet back from the screens, using a Herman Miller Scooter for my keyboard and mouse. I love the Scooter, at it puts them at a perfect height and position for straight wrists and forearms.

I need a standing desk, which I can find. But I also need something that can raise and lower my keyboard and mouse from seated to standing position, and can adjust many times per day without wearing out. The scooter doesn't have enough height range, and I suspect the height adjstment mechanism would fail anyway.

My setup:


* I really don't like sitting up close to screens.
* I use a Steelcase Leap chair.

Thanks, MeFites.
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Have you considered a fixed height standing desk with a barstool with backrest instead of a chair? This is infinitely easier to source. Although it is difficult to find a perfectly matched stool/table set, I adjusted my stool to correct height by cutting a high density foam wheelchair cushion to size and placing on top.

I find all raise/lower mechanisms finicky. Setting a barstool aside or moving it in front of the desk is simple.
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I don't think any of the regular standing desks will work because you want to stand so far back -- the keyboard/mouse platforms assume you will be standing much closer to the monitor(s). It sounds like you will need one piece for the monitor and a separate keyboard stand -- maybe it would be as as simple as an up/down monitor stand with your current keyboard thing for sitting and a new, taller one for standing?
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