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I'm planning on booking a spa day here in NYC at the end of October, and I need your help. I'm looking for spas that are (a) all about the pampering, and (b) not going to talk to me about my lymphatic drainage.

The services I'm planning to book are: massage (deep tissue, probably with some hot stones added on), maybe some sort of body scrub, possibly a hydrotherapy soak if they're available.

The best spas I've been to are Well at the Pfister in Milwaukee and Rescue Spa in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia: both were focused on providing a clean, comforting atmosphere and restorative, relaxing services without a lot of woo. I'm looking for more in this vein in NYC. I'm not interested (for the purposes of this question) in massage therapists in a clinical setting, or in health spas where they will make a list of all my bad habits and how they are bad.

If there's a spa you've been to in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and you enjoyed it, can you recommend it and share salient details about atmosphere and good treatments?
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Best answer: It's not a traditional spa, but I got a recommendation for Aire Ancient Baths last winter and absolutely loved the experience. It meets all of your requirements, not clinical, but not woo, just a very relaxing therapeutic experience.
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well, it's a bit out of the way, but Spa Castle is AMAZING. and a full day event.
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Regarding Spa Castle, I also enjoy it, but if you're looking for a relaxing day I would shy away from going on a weekend as they generally have many people on weekends. I've never personally tried either the massage or scrub options, but hear they're nice; the saunas are where I generally spend my time there. From what I understand, the scrubs are done sans clothing, which may or may not be a dealbreaker for you.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify, I really am looking for a traditional spa-type spa that is easily accessible by public transit. Manhattan is best, Brooklyn-near-Manhattan is fine. Thanks!
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Best answer: I enjoy Great Jones Spa.
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Best answer: I liked my massages + naps + facial at YeloSpa. Visited a couple of times using a Gilt City Voucher and the experience was consistently relaxing and professional. No woo at all that I can remember.
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The spa at the Mandarin Oriental is fantastic.

Re Spa Castle: I don't think that will fit your needs. If you were cruising for casual encounters or looking for a group spa party locale, then that would be a good choice. Also it's really far from Manhattan.
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Best answer: I like Great Jones too. I've only had Swedish and Thai massage there but they were really well done and no upselling. Having a treatment also buys you essentially unlimited time in the lounge/pool area, so it's easy to turn a 60-minute massage into a 3-hour session of reading in the lounge chairs or lolling in the hot pool. I'd recommend going during a weekday when they're quiet--things start to get busy in the late afternoon/early evening.
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Every time I'm in NYC, I spend an afternoon at Juvenex Spa. I've enjoyed both deep tissue massage and full body scrubs there. It's divine to wander from soaking pool to jade sauna to steam room to clay room at your leisure.
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