What to do in Salt Lake City
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My friend has just arrived in Salt Lake City. What decent things are there for him and his entourage to do in the next couple of days?
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Best answer: You (he) can search by type of thing and location here. You'll probably get more helpful answers if you can be more specific about likes/dislikes, if they have a car, budget, etc.
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I was only there one day over the summer, but enjoyed the Mormon stuff & the salt lake, and also found a couple good book stores: Ken Sanders rare books, and the King's English. There was a bit of an "alternative" crowd (e.g., pins for Salt Lake Utah with the shortening S-L-UT) in response to the Ned Flanderism occasionally visible (e.g., they did not sell coffee, or tea, at the "cafe" in the visitor's center of the Mormon's temple).

I'd just look up whatever you're into online/ in local shops & papers though - I remember there was a cool venue out by the lake where the lineup looked pretty good, as well as a park where they held events...
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There's a pretty good past list of similar questions in AskMe.

If your friend is mobile and into hiking, September is generally a beautiful time of year for it. Even a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon can be lovely.
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Best answer: Go up to Snowbird. They seem to have stuff going on year round and there's a restaurant at the resort that overlooks the slopes. Go a little before sunset for best results.
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Best answer: Ice Blocking at Sugarhouse Park.
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Best answer: Tell him he wants to eat at The Pie (and oh gods, they're doing gluten free now, why oh why must I be on the other side of the country?)
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Best answer: Hiking up in Timpanagos (a little south, not a problem if you have a car) is perfect this time of year.

There's some great craft breweries. I'm a big fan of Squatters - both the beer and the food.
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If not the outdoorsy type, there is always Family Tree research at the Family Search Genealogy Library.
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Best answer: Spiral Jetty
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Best answer: A previous response, which is one of the few times I have been able to share actual expertise on this site. Includes links. Short version: Gilgal gardens, Antelope Island, Moab, drive the Alpine loop.
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Best answer: These hikes are all good.
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The new Natural History Museum is great. Catch a movie and drink a beer at Brewvies. Good eats include Rye, Avenues Proper, Caputo's, Pago, and Takashi. Drive up to Brighton and take a walk around Silver Lake. Hang out in Liberty Park. Get a bike share bike and take a ride. We have lots of new bike lanes. Drink a beer at Juniors. Go to Ken Sanders Rare Books and hunt for a treasure. Tune in to KRCL 90.9, one of the best community radio stations anywhere. I hear the new aquarium is awesome. Get some coffee at Publik.
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