Looking for recommendations for a Boston or Boston area getaway.
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Where is a good place, in or near Boston, for a early October getaway?

I am planning on surprising my long-distance friend (and fellow mefite, thus the anonymity) with few days together, and the Boston vicinity works well for both of us.

Ideally I'd like to stay in a big town/small city with some nice restaurants/bars, and a not too expensive lodging situation. Preferably we'd be within 30 minutes of Boston, or in Boston. As for lodging, be it a hotel or Air BnB, all I'd like is that it be walking distance from any "downtown" and that we have lots of privacy. Parking for two cars would also be nice.

My initial consideration was Salem, but it looks like things get busy there in October.

If you don't want to respond here, my throwaway email related to this question is


Thank you!
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A city near Boston, eh? Hows about lovely Providence? Or perhaps Portsmouth, NH?

Both are a little further than 30 mins, but not terribly far.
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Gloucester, Rockport, Newburyport -- all have lively, walkable downtowns, on the train line. Wont be cheap, but better than Boston.
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So long as you avoid travel during the morning and evening rush hours, Plymouth would be ideal for you. There are plenty of places to stay. John Carver Inn and Spa, Radisson (I'm not sure if it is a radisson still), and other motels with plenty of parking. While in Plymouth you would be able to walk to Court Street and Main Street to many different restaurants varying from take-out/sit-in casual to bars to family restaurants and formal dining. There is Plimoth Plantation, tours of the city, historic homes, Jenney Grist mill, burial grounds, and historic homes galore. Great shopping as well in interesting stores that entertain all people. The water is nearby. The Mayflower II will be away from it's dock, so you will not be able to see or visit that area. You can do a day further down the cape and still be within about 30 minutes from Boston on off-peak travel hours.
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My suggestion is Marblehead. There's a great little inn there we've stayed a few times with fireplaces. Nice walks along the coast, good restaurants. Very relaxing.

But my favorite suggestion is Portland, Maine. It's farther than you want -- but it's only 2 hours on an incredibly comfortable, beautiful train (the Downeaster) that is actually very cheap! (It was $40 roundtrip last time I took it). Portland has the best food -- I'd say better than Boston, is walkable and charming and will be gorgeous in October. Lots of great B&Bs (we did AirBnB and it was awesome.) Go!
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